Writing Moments

Writing Moments

Hey, guys, Markus here. I must tell you something about writing. I had a weird dream this morning (as you know I don’t sleep at nights). The dream was about the future. I will tell you that much – it will be wonderful.

So, I wrote down my dream. In my dream diary, then, suddenly a poem starts to flow through me. I am like “wtf?” hadn’t even finished my first coffee yet. Suddenly words are pouring out of me.

That’s nothing new, of course. Normally I listen to my inner voice while writing. My alter ego, the lyrical me, which dictates rhythm, sentences and line breaks.

Sometimes it’s bold, crazy, then soft and gentle, sometimes full of erotic passion, then again very sad. It’s the emotions of the lyrical “me”, that I capture and write down as me, Markus, the author. Well, and then there is this third level, which reports how the author is writing what the alter ego is feeling.

So much about the complexity of personality. Facebook would at this point say: Relationship status: It’s complicated. 😊

But… back to toe moment of writing. (new section on my homepage). I’m sitting on my beloved balcony, as I’ve been doing for 30 years now. I’m writing a poem called “The Thorn Under My Skin”. That’s when I realize, that, wait a moment, it isn’t MY inner voice dictating the word in the pen, slightly smearing, as we lefthanders often do. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time.

I was channeling someone else. The thought was crystal clear. It was strong – I got goosebumps just by thinking about it. I’d had that kind of experience a few times – mostly when dreaming or heavily drunk. Always neglected it as weirdness. But now I was sitting here, sober, in the clear spring morning sun. And it was REAL. It was here.

Up until that I’d always thought, I’d need substances or long hours of music listening to get in the “higher state of mind”. And now this? WOW. What a relief it was to know, that the access to the creative world isn’t dependent on the use of drugs or other mind blurring substances – which include, of course, the fall and decay of both body and soul. Thank you, universe!

And now I’m going to train this “creative muscle”. Take the time it needs. I’ll keep on receiving your thoughts and emotions – and transform them into poetry, stories and novel characters. It’s the thing I always wanted to do. It’s what I’m doing and will be doing. It’s my big love – next to music.

Thankfully, with smiling eyes, a bit filled with tears of happiness.

Yours, Markus

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