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While doing a little searching on the Internet for hydrogen engines, I stumbled across a video of the Larsen RADAX (Radial and Axel) hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) that I thought would be of interest to the inventors in the crowd.

The hydrogen engine was invented by Mel Larsen and has been reviewed by the American Hydrogen Association Northwest. Mel Larsen has claimed that his Larsen RADAX engine has set the word record for in thermal efficiency for an engine. The Larsen RADAX is an 8-cylinder, 2-stroke, 300 hp ICE that has an efficiency range of 45 – 54 percent, which far exceeds the 20 – 30 percent efficiency of a standard gasoline engine.


Leider ist der Entwickler verstorben und die Prototypen wurden aus seiner Werkstatt gestohlen. Warum wohl?

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