Our Principles

Hey, my international readers. This isnt‘ poetry. But I’m going to post all my English texts here too, just to have some content in here. This is from my music project technoresistance711.org.

For our international friends, Techno isn’t just a music. It’s a way of life. A set of values, a way of thinking and feeling. As humans we are all one – and the music brings us together. Let’s join and make the world a better place for everyone. Let’s use this force and energy for the good.

Our concept: We are resistance. We oppose to the current negative political mind setting. We will not accept oppression. Resistance is necessary to block negative currents. When unwanted currents flow through a resistance, heat will be generated – energy will be released. This energy is needed to transform society. This is our mission. To transform negativity into love. To end wars, hate, discrimination and violence through the beauty of sound and techno and house music. Please join us. Let’s go on to the Technolugion! Only together we can be strong. Let’s fight for freedom and justice for all. Let’s love each other again – regardless of our cultural background, heritage, race or religion. We can make this happen – to the good of all.

Please follow us, join us. You won’t regret.



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