3.33am (or: Voices In The Night)

3.33am (or: Voices In The Night)


I wake up, bathed in sweat,

after weird dreams.

Sit down, still a bit dizzy

on my balcony

and listen into the night.


Then, suddenly,

A bird starts to sing.

All by itself, alone, he sings his wonderful song

into the dark, empty, quiet night.

And nobody answers.

He’s singing all by himself.


Then, just as suddenly,

It must have been 4.44am,

I hear, far, far away

gently and quietly another voice singing.

My bird isn’t singing alone anymore.


His song is being responded to.

They talk to each other now,

the two lonely birds of the night,

Sing together a beautiful song,

A lovely melody.


They tell their stories to each other,

in perfect harmony.

Suddenly no one is lonely anymore.


At 5.55am then,

daylight coming up already,

there rings a whole choir of singing birds.


Ascending to a real cacophony,

everybody screams their own song.

A huge chaos of different melodies

echoing now in the dawn.


My bird is still singing,

But the beauty of the melody

of the two lonely ones

is lost in the loud noise

of the masses.


Why does my bird of the night

sing as first?

To wake up the others.

To be heard unmistakably.

To sing his unique song.

To play the perfect melody

with the other lonely one, far, far away.


The lonely bird in the night.

That is me.

And the gentle voice, far, far away,

That is you.


At 4.44am we sang together.


I love you.

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